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OsciPrime - Android Oscilloscope

IMU - Accelerometers and Gyroscopes

WIZ-C - PIC C Compiler Simulator and IDE

PICuP ProtoBoard - BitScope Designs

Pronine Electronics Design Consulting

Renesas Technology - Semiconductors

PIC Microcontroller Tutorials

8051 Single Board Computer

8051 Macro Assembler ASEM-51

Logisim -Simulate Digital Logic Circuits

Micro/sys - Embedded Solutions for OEM Systems

Embedded Development using VisSim - Visual Solutions

Open source Wireless sensor platform - Waspmote

arturo System for Industrial Controls

Exar Corporation - Specialized Semiconductors

Digicom Electronics - Manufacturing and Prototyping

MarS Board - Freescale ARM Cortex-A9

FreePCB - PCB editor

Applied Micro Circuits - Multicore Processors

LS6410 ARM11 Android Development Kit

Wireless USB - Wireless Extension to USB

Integrated Device Technology - IDT - Semiconductors

Atmel SBC and Programmer Prototypes

ST7LITE09 8-BIT MCU SV Flash Memory

Cross-32 Meta-Assembler

Professor Mark Csele - Electronic Projects

Modbus Communication Protocol Suite

Bluetooth Multimeter - Seeed Studio

USB PIC a easy PC Interface