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Friday, April 15, 2011

STR7 32-bit ARM7 MCU from STMicroelectronics

Used industry-standard ARM7TDMI 32-bit RISC core, featuring high performance, very low power, and very dense code.

STR7 32-bit ARM7 MCU from STMicroelectronics

Comprehensive set of peripherals and ST's 0.18 ┬Ám embedded Flash technology in the STR710, STR730 and STR750 ranges.

STR730 for Industrial/Automotive - twenty timers, three CAN, 112 I/Os. MCBSTR7 Evaluation Board

STR710 for Consumer, POS and High-end Industrial. Many communication interfaces including USB, CAN, ISO7816 and four UART.

From - STMicroelectronics

The Keil MCBSTR7 Evaluation Board introduces you to the STMicroelectronics STR710 ARM family and allows you to create and test working programs for this advanced architecture.

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