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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Liquidware - Embedded Electronics Source

Open Source Electronics. Hardware and gadgets. Embedded Cards with Support Cards and Components. Be in Sync. with the Embedded Electronics for Quick Prototyping and Gadget Creation.

Liquidware - Embedded Electronics Source

From Hyper Embedded - Microcontroller ASIC and EDA

Neapolitan pizza of Open Source hardware and Arduino modules.

Ultimate Gadget Pack - Liquidware

It Includes many things, some listed below ...
  • Arduino Duemilanove
  • TouchShield Stealth
  • TouchShield Slide
  • Open Source Hardware, Volume 1
  • InputShields
  • Mini black Protoboards
Also see the Popular Beagle Embedded Starter Kit - LW

Liquidware Amber

Equipped with Android Gingerbread, Amber is a tablet development framework designed to accelerate time-to-market at all stages of product development.

Amber is an OMAP-driven, 7” multitouch capacitive tablet that’s perfectly incomplete. It’s fully functional as it is. Wrap a case around it, and it’s a portable tablet.

Liquidware Amber

Driven by the high-performance ARM Cortex OMAP3730 processor, 512 MB RAM, and up to 16 GB microSD storage, Amber delivers smooth, seamless functionality for audio/visual and data-processing applications alike.

Liquidware Android V-IDE -  A comprehensive, full-featured, and fully-functional development environment is right at your fingertips. Turning your creativity into a prototype is as simple as plugging in your peripheral components and pushing your APK to Amber for testing!

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