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Monday, September 06, 2010

Nano-RK - Wireless Sensor Networking RTOS

Nano-RK is a fully preemptive reservation-based real-time operating system (RTOS) from Carnegie Mellon University with multi-hop networking support for use in wireless sensor networks. Nano-RK currently runs on the FireFly Sensor Networking Platform as well as the MicaZ motes. It includes a light-weight embedded resource kernel (RK) with rich functionality and timing support using less than 2KB of RAM and 18KB of ROM.

Nano-RK - Wireless Sensor Networking RTOS

Features Include
  • C GNU tool-chain
  • Real-Time Priority Based Scheduling
  • Built-in Fault Handling
  • Energy Efficient Scheduling
  • Small Footprint <2K RAM, 16K ROM,
  • SLIPstream a simple gateway to IP
  • Eclipse IDE allows for easy development 

CMUcam5 Pixy

The CMUcam extends upon this idea by providing a flexible and easy to use open source development environment that complements a low cost hardware platform. The CMUcam3 is an ARM7TDMI based fully programmable embedded computer vision sensor. The main processor is the NXP LPC2106 connected to an Omnivision CMOS camera sensor module.

The goal of the CMUcam project is to provide simple vision capabilities to small embedded systems in the form of an intelligent sensor. The CMUcam open source programmable embedded color vision sensors are low-cost, low-power sensors for mobile robots. You can use the CMUcam vision systems to do many different kinds of on-board, real-time vision processing tasks

2014 - Pixy is a fast, low-cost vision sensor you can quickly “teach” to find objects, and it connects directly to Arduino and other controllers.

TinyOS for Wireless Embedded Sensor Networks

TinyOS is an open-source operating system designed for wireless embedded sensor networks. It features a component-based architecture which enables rapid innovation and implementation while minimizing code size as required by the severe memory constraints inherent in sensor networks.

 TinyOS's component library includes network protocols, distributed services, sensor drivers, and data acquisition tools. An open-source OS for the networked sensor regime.

TinyOS for Wireless Embedded Sensor Networks

TinyOS has been ported to over a dozen platforms and numerous sensor boards. A wide community uses it in simulation to develop and test various algorithms and protocols. - Official TinyOS Website
    This is a nice OS for a Distributed Industrial Automation Implementation. Data Logging Systems. It is an open-source operating system designed for wireless embedded sensor networks on a BSD license.

    eXtreme Scale Mote

    Design of a Wireless Sensor Network Platform for Detecting Rare, Random, and Ephemeral Events

    eXtreme Scale Mote

    The XSM platform integrates an Atmel ATmega128L microcontroller, a Chipcon CC1000 radio operating at 433MHz, a 4Mbit serial flash memory, infrared, magnetic, acoustic, photo and temperature sensors, weatherproof packaging, a bootloader, and a “Golden Image” program that incorporates system management, network programming, and low-power listening.....

    Total Phase - Tools for Embedded Systems

    Products and Solutions in Embedded Computing and Interface like USB, I2C, SPI and CAN. Leading provider of embedded systems development tools for engineers all over the world. SPI Development Kit - Total Phase

    Total Phase - Tools for Embedded Systems

    Types of Products and Solutions Include Protocol Analyzers - Capture, display, search, and filter I2C, SPI, or USB in real time. Host Adapters, CAN Interfaces and various tools over the entire life cycle of any embedded system.

    SPI Development Kit - Total Phase

    • Exercise target devices on an SPI bus as a master device.
    • Simulate an SPI master or slave device.
    • Program and verify SPI-based Flash devices.
    • Passively monitor an SPI bus in real-time with bit-level timing down to 20 ns.

    Total Phase: Tips and Tools for USB, I2C, and SPI

    Sunday, September 05, 2010

    CADint Sweden – EDA and CAE design tools

    EDA/CAE/CAD software - CADint PCB, ELECTRA Autorouter with Schematic Entry and 3D Board View as well.

    CADint Sweden - EDA and CAE design tools

    CADint Sweden - EDA and CAE design tools

    Schematic capture - Draw hierarchical schematic diagrams with an unlimited number of pages

    PCB Design - Powerful layout features include net guidelines, manual trace routing with optional mitering or bezier curves, pin and group swap, automatic via generation, trace length and impedance calculators…

    Amazing 3D PCB visualization - The CADint 3D Viewer allows you to view your board from any angle at nearly any magnification. Vertical clearance constraints for components can easily be visualized, as can any aspect of the PCB itself.

    CADint Freeware you get all the power of CADint PCB for small projects. Layouts are limited to 100 pads and schematic diagrams are limited to 350 nodes.

    Friday, September 03, 2010

    Visionics - EDWinXP and DocOne EDA Tools

    They Created the first EDA package, the CAD ABC, way back in 1983, when there were no other PC-based EDA systems. Later products include CAD 1000, CompCAD and the EE Designer series, some milestones.

    Visionics - EDWinXP and DocOne EDA Tools

    EDWinXP comprise of Schematic Editor, Simulators-Mixed Mode Simulator and EDSpice simulator, PCB Layout Editor-Create the PCB Layout,Fabrication Manager-generate manufacturing output files for Photoplotter, NC Drill etc.

    Visionics - EDWinXP and DocOne EDA Tools

    Thermal Analyzer - check for hotspots on the board, Electromagnetic Analyzer (with Signal Integrity and Field analyzer) - check for electromagnetic effects.

    Schematic Editor is the front end for any PCB design application. Schematic Editor of EDWinXP allows to capture the circuit in the form of a schematic diagram. The created circuit is in the form of a logical diagram where components are placed using the Library Browser and Library Explorer.

    Layout Editor is used to design the PCB layout of a circuit. The design can be captured either in schematic capture or directly in layout editor. In the former case, the design is front annotated to the layout editor and in the latter case it is back annotated to schematic editor.

    Visionics Sweden HB
    Ga Norrtaljev 97, 182 47 Enebyberg. Sweden.

    Network Friendly Embedded Systems - Coridium

    "Our products are designed to configure themselves on most networks. The development environment is something you already use every day: Your web browser and text editor."

    Network Friendly Embedded Systems - Coridium

    From Hyper Embedded - Microcontroller ASIC and EDA

    ARMmite PRO - Low-cost SBC - Coridium

    Features Include

    • Arduino PRO footprint compatible
    • Compatible with 5V shields
    • Development software Basic and C
    • ARM7 CPU running at 60 Mhz
    • 24 TTL compatible digital I/O
    • 7 10-bit A/D converters, 100 KHz sample rate
    • 8 Hardware PWM channels
    • Internal supplies of 5V, 3.3V and 1.8V