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Friday, September 15, 2017

Nut/OS Modular Multithreading RTOS

Simple RTOS kernel, provides a minimum of services to run Nut/Net, the TCP/IP stack. Ideal for embedded platforms. Configurable and optimized to run on 8 and 32 bit microcontrollers.

Nut/OS Modular Multithreading RTOS

Features include:
  • Coperative multithreading
  • Deterministic interrupt response times
  • Priority based event handling
The third generation of the Ethernut board family has been designed for fast response times at very low power consumption. When running in internal RAM, the 32-bit CPU executes 72 MIPS, while the programmable logic allows to implement special interfaces in hardware.

Ethernut Modular Multithreading RTOS

Ethernut 3 - The first 32 bit version of the Ethernut Open Source Hardware Family is packed with features like 8 MBytes NAND Flash and 256kBytes full speed SRAM, MMC/SD-Card Socket, user programmable logic etc. 32-Bit AT91R40008 CPU (ARM7TDMI) running at 73.728MHz.