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Medical Clinic - Better Prescription with ViewSonic

Healthcare PC Technology - Tangent

Specialty Medical Display Testing from Sencore

Scientific Graphing and Data Analysis - WaveMetrics

COMSOL - Multiphysics Modeling Software

Technologic Systems - Embedded Systems

Infineon Technologies - Microcontrollers

Rambus - IP Provider - Semiconductors

Maple Systems - Operator Interface Technology

Plessey Semiconductors - CMOS IC Solutions

MikroElektronika - Embedded Development Systems

Fastwel - Industrial SBC and Modules

AVR and ARM based Industrial Systems - ConTeK

AVR Circuits by Vassilis Serasidis – AVRsite

AVR Libc – Atmel AVR C library

BPM Microsystems - Semiconductor Programming

Nano-RK - Wireless Sensor Networking RTOS

TinyOS for Wireless Embedded Sensor Networks

Total Phase - Tools for Embedded Systems

CADint Sweden – EDA and CAE design tools

Visionics - EDWinXP and DocOne EDA Tools

Network Friendly Embedded Systems - Coridium

YAVRTOS - Yet Another Atmel AVR OS

scmRTOS - Preemptive Multitasking OS

WinAVR - OSS for Atmel AVR RISC

TNKernel - Fast RT Kernel for Embedded Systems

ASIX Electronics Corporation - Fabless Semiconductors

IAR Systems - Embedded Systems Tools

Contiki - Open Source Multi-Tasking OS

Advin Systems - Device Programmers

Pololu - Electronic Modules for Robotics

Intusoft - Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design Tools

BeRTOS - Real Time Operating System

Femto OS - RTOS for Atmel AVR ATmega

mbed - Rapid uC Prototyping

Cool Verification - Hardware verification EDA

GateRocket - Verification and Debug - FPGA

Multi-Instrument Digital Assistant – PIC16F84A

AutoTRAX EDA and Design Express

Electric VLSI Design System EDA

Compact USB Development Kit

OpenServo - Digital servo for Robotics

MicroTec from Siborg Canada

Mini2240 Samsung ARM9 Touch Screen 400MHz

DAP Technologies - Mobile Computers

MakingThings - Prototyping Interactive Projects

fuzzyTECH - Fuzzy Logic and NeuroFuzzy

McCAD - Schematic capture to PCB

Corelis JTAG boundary-scan testing

SynaptiCAD - Dynamic Design Simulation

ACS - RF and Microwave EDA Tools

mentalSPICE Analog Simulator and EDA

MEMS Products from Axetris Leister

ipcas Industrial IT Solutions