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Atrenta - Early Design Closure ASIC Design - Embedded Systems Resource

Purdy Electronics - Electronic Components for OEM

Perle - Serial and I/O Connectivity

Gumstix - Embedded Computers and Systems

AKM Semiconductor - Mixed-signal IC

ISQED - Design and Design Automation

Silicon Laboratories - High Performance Mixed-signal

NEC Electronics - Semiconductors

Maplesoft Tools for Engineering Design

Mathcad - Engineering Calculations

Dunfield Development Services

The Handy Board - The Cricket Robotics Controller

Digi - Wireless Device Networking

Tanner EDA - Automate and Simplify Design

FPGA and Structured ASIC Journal

Beagle Board - Create Open Embedded Devices

Lammert Bies - Computer Interfacing

Mesa Electronics - Embedded Computers

Marvell Technology Group - Semiconductor Design

Embest - Development tools for ARM - XScale

UMC - Foundry Technology - Taiwan

MOSIS - Affordable Integrated Circuits Fabrication

Functional verification at Brian Bailey Consulting

MathWorks Online Webinars

Dr Dave - Mechatronics

Labcenter Electronics - Proteus Design Suite

Accellera - Unification of EDA Standards

Capilano Computing - DesignWorks Schematic Capture - Interface and Cable design


Affordable Dependability and Embedded Systems

Amkor Technology - Semiconductor Services

Automatic Integrated Circuit Modeling Spice

Cirrus Logic - DSP - SOC Analog and Mixed

Rugged Mobile Computers - General Dynamics Itronix

Motion Computing - Tablet Computers

Applied Materials - Nanomanufacturing

TSMC - Semiconductor Foundry

Micron - Semiconductor Solutions - Memory

PIC18F8722 Microcontroller Explorer Board

STR912 ARM Evaluation Board - ST

eLinux wiki - Linux in Embedded Systems

AVRTS2080A - Atmel Touch Library ATmega88

ATE IC - Intersil Semiconductors

Field Oriented Control using XC886/888 - Embedded Design Services

Corvalent - Industrial Motherboards

Mathematica - Modeling Simulation Visualization

Xeltek - Device Programmers

AnSem - IC Design House

Microchip PIC - Wireless Connectivity Design

OnARM - ARM Developer Resource

Digital Signal Processing - Texas Instruments

Ember - Wireless Semiconductor Solutions

LSI - Silicon Storage and Networking