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Monday, September 15, 2008

Embedded Code and Circuits - Peter Jakab

Embedded Code and Circuits - Peter Jakab
These pages have source code and also circuits and helps you learn how to design the firmware.
  • Serial port controlled infrared transmitter with PIC
  • Simple irrigation controller with PIC
  • 3-wire serial LCD interface
  • PBUS multi-drop RS422/485-type network
Electrical Engineer, Engineer of Informatics - Peter Jakab

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Keith Neufeld - Electronics Blog

Kieth's Blog has many ideas on refurbishing and creating electronic gadgets, Mechanical and DIY Techniques.

LED Calculator with Rotary Quadrature Encoder for Target System Voltage Selection, Arduino, Robotics, PCB Layout Tips, Introduction to Circuits, LED Clock.

Keith Neufeld - Electronics Blog

Keith Neufeld - Electronics Blog

Transistor-Based Variable Current Drive for LED Calculator

"The idea is to expand on a simple LED tester by allowing the user to plug in an LED, dial in the LED brightness, and then read information on an LCD showing the LED voltage drop, the current current, and the value of current-limiting resistor to use in a target circuit. "

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mike Gordon - The University of Cambridge

Mike Gordon - The University of Cambridge
  • Verilog HDL and semantics of a small subset
  • Specification and Verification
  • Introduction to Functional Programming
  • Formal Specification Verification of ARM6

Tech Resource - Professor Richard Tervo - UNB

Tech Resource - Professor Richard Tervo - UNB
  • Measurements Laboratory - Instrumentation and measurement theory and applications.
  • Digital Systems III - Microprocessor Interfacing and Applications
  • Digital Communications - Theory and Practice
  • Electronic Handheld Game Simulation
Richard Tervo - University of New Brunswick - Faculty of Engineering