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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hans Wedemeyer's Projects, Code and More

Hans Wedemeyer's Projects, Code and More

"Seven Port RS-232 Multiplexer. Seven Way RS-232 Software Controlled Switch Eight Channel 12 bit Serial ADC. Universal Radiation Spectrum AnalyzerUpdated New Version Jornada Cradle modification and How to Make a Serial Cable. Multi-channel Analyzer Program for the Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer Dial-up Remote Monitoring using the Serial ADC. DC Motor Speed Control

Terrminal Program for Pocket PC (Jornada) Two Channel Platinum Probe Serial Thermometer. Single Channel 24 bit USB ADC. Barcode Reader Connection Humidity Measuring Project. Four Channel DRO CNC Stepper motor driver and more. Updated Download Page for NC Drill file converter, RS-232 Server etc. Surface Mount. Various Mice. Links. Sick of Bugs. Odds and Ends. Photographs. "

Universal Serial Bus General Purpose Device Controller

Universal Serial Bus General Purpose Device Controller

The TUSB3210 is a USB-based controller targeted as a general-purpose MCU with GPIO. The TUSB3210 has 8K × 8 RAM space for application development. A ROM-based version of the TUSB3210 has 8K × 8 ROM space for predeveloped customer-specific production applications.

TUSB3410 The TUSB3410 is a full-speed peripheral with programmable USB-to-Serial Bridge,
TUSB6250 TUSB6250 is a high-speed peripheral with Programmable USB-to-IDE Bridge,
TUSB2136 TUSB2136 is a compound 2-port with general purpose 8052 MCU

USB to RS232 converter

USB to RS232 converter

.. build my own USB to RS232 FT8U232AM

FTDI Home Page: "Welcome to FTDI - specialists in converting legacy peripherals to Universal Serial Bus ( USB ). We offer the easiest route to USB migration by combining USB Serial ( USB RS232 ) and USB FIFO silicon solutions with our ready-to-go royalty free USB drivers. FTDI's 'total' solutions offer reduced development and debug costs and a fast time to market"

USB Interface to 80535 Group:sci.electronics

this may work:

just use the lines going to rxd and txd os rs232(serial)
to your 80535 rxd txd serial port lines.

http://www.hardwarebook.net/ for rs232 pin details.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

EMAC - Equipment Monitor and Control

EMAC - Equipment Monitor and Control

Deluxe Server-In-A-Box EMAC Inc.

Equipment Monitor and Control / Manufacturer of Single Board Computers, Microcontrollers, PC/104 Modules and Microprocessor Training Systems. Custom and Semi-custom engineering services also available.

EMAC's SBC One Stop-Shop bridges the gap between SBC microcontrollers and PC compatible SBCs by offering both a wide assortment of Motorola, Siemens, Intel, and Zilog microcontrollers, and a comprehensive line of x86 SBCs.

The EMAC Compact Server-In-a-Box (SIB) runs Linux as its Operating System and as such retains all of the networking and communications capabilities one would expect of such an operating system. Right out of the box, the SIB is configured for Ethernet, serial IP, serial terminal, and raw serial connections. Other devices, including PPP modem links, may be added and configured by the user.