Microcontroller - 8051, 8052, OpCodes, Analog Interface.
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Electro Tech Online - Projects

Electro Tech Online - Projects

Electronic Projects Design/Ideas/Reviews - Are you building an electronic project or want to? Maybe you need some assistance? Come and submit your electronic questions here and let our exprienced members find a solution

Robotics Chat - Specific to discussions about robots and the making of.

Micro Controllers - Discuss all aspects of micro controllers - building them, coding them, etc. All controllers are welcome - PIC, BASIC, Z8 Encore!, etc.

Electronic Projects - A collection of small electronic circuits and projects you can build.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hans Wedemeyer's Projects, Code and More

Hans Wedemeyer's Projects, Code and More

"Seven Port RS-232 Multiplexer. Seven Way RS-232 Software Controlled Switch Eight Channel 12 bit Serial ADC. Universal Radiation Spectrum AnalyzerUpdated New Version Jornada Cradle modification and How to Make a Serial Cable. Multi-channel Analyzer Program for the Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer Dial-up Remote Monitoring using the Serial ADC. DC Motor Speed Control

Terrminal Program for Pocket PC (Jornada) Two Channel Platinum Probe Serial Thermometer. Single Channel 24 bit USB ADC. Barcode Reader Connection Humidity Measuring Project. Four Channel DRO CNC Stepper motor driver and more. Updated Download Page for NC Drill file converter, RS-232 Server etc. Surface Mount. Various Mice. Links. Sick of Bugs. Odds and Ends. Photographs. "

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Elektronik und Mikrocontroller

Elektronik und Mikrocontroller Elektronik und Mikrocontroller

Programme, Informationen und Literatur zum Bereich Elektronik und Mikrocontroller.

Author of books and CDs, Microcontroller, interface programming or new ideas for hobby projects. High frequency, Transistor technology, Electron tubes, Control engineering, Electronic construction units, Measuring technique.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Sumo Robot project of Dave Chu

Dave's Sumo Robot project

The following is my Computer Science project Comp490 and Comp492 in progress. It is a SUMO robot for our local RoboWar tournament. I have been, for the pass two years a participant of the annual RoboWar competition. So, this year I've decided to try to get credit for doing it.

Sumo Robot project of Dave Chu
"I was fortunate enough to find a professor who was willing to supervise my project Dr.Ferhat Khendek. I have decided to do the documentation in HTML format and make it public to anyone who is interested in robotics."

There are two class of robots, remote controlled and autonomous. Remote controlled are operated by a human participant via RF link. Autonomous on the other hand has to be self contained with no human influence in its operations with the exception to its programming.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

World Of Electronics - Electronic projects

Instruction manual of an electronic moving font with LEDs and a clock built up of LEDs. Furthermore information is available about a serial-to-I²C converter, an AT89C2051 evaluation board and a complete TV tuner with an I²C interface."

World Of Electronics - Electronic projects

The LED moving font is built up of separate modules consisting of 64 LEDs each (8x8 matrix). The modules can be cascaced according to the desired size of the font. Each module is controlled by the LED display driver MAX7219 (or MAX7221) which can drive 64 LEDs.

World Of Electronics - Electronic projects

AT89C2051 programmer

"Using this programmer you can program the internal flash of the microcontroller AT89C2051 from Atmel. The AT89C2051 programmer is connected via the serial RS232 interface to a PC. In comparison with other programmers, you do not need a special software, a terminal program is sufficient."

Other Projects here are  LED moving font, TV tuner, LED clock, Serial-I²C-Converter, AT89C2051/ATtiny2313 evaluation board, AT89C2051 programmer, I²C-I/O-Expander, AVR JTAG Emu, Displays.