Microcontroller - 8051, 8052, OpCodes, Analog Interface.
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Electronic Product Development - Fidus Systems

High-speed Electronic Product Development (EPD) with extensive design experience in turnkey product development and technical knowledge in System Design and Architecture.

Electronic Product Development - Fidus Systems

Some Areas of Service Include - FPGA/CPLD Design, DSP Design, PCB Layout & Signal Integrity, RF/Wireless Design, Automated Identification Systems (AIS).
    Tesla- This pole-mount WiMAX product was created to some pretty intense specifications. This was a full turnkey project for Fidus, involving all of our disciplines: Hardware, FPGA, Layout, Embedded Software, Signal Integrity, and Mechanical

    Fidus delivers Signal Integrity (SI), Power Integrity (PI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) analysis for on-chip IC (Integrated Circuit) design, Package design, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and System design.

    Signal Integrity/EMC - Fidus Systems

    Fidus Systems
    375 Terry Fox Dr., Ottawa, ON, K2K 0J8, Canada.

    Tuesday, January 17, 2017

    Reads51 - 8051 IDE C Compiler Assembler

    Reads51 is an integrated applications software development system, which runs on an IBM PC or compatible host.

    Reads51 - 8051 IDE C Compiler Assembler

    Reads51 allows writing, compiling, assembling, debugging, downloading, and running applications software in the MCS-51 language. Reads51 contains a C compiler, relative assembler, linker/locator, editor, chip simulator, assembly language debugger, and host-to-board communications in a user-friendly, menu-driven environment.

    Reads51 - 8051 IDE C Compiler Assembler

    Graphically, the IDE consists of the main menu, customizable toolbars, and various windows. All windows, except the editor window are dockable. Dockable windows may be attached to any side of the IDE, or left floating anywhere on the desktop
    • 8051 Hardware and Software Product Overview
    • Rita51, 8051 Embedded Controller for the Internet
    • R-A7SJ, ARM Controller
    "Rigel Corporation also provides professional hardware design, OEM manufacturing services, and industrial software development for the 8051, and ARM7."

    Monday, October 03, 2016

    Pronine Electronics Design Consulting

    They offer a comprehensive electronic design service. They specialize in analog, digital, audio, video, RF and mixed signal circuits.

    Pronine Electronics Design Consulting

    They also undertake electronic circuit and printed circuit board design. Some products developed are like .. test instruments, specialized research equipment, amplifiers, PLL synthesizers and power supplies.

    Pronine Electronics Design Consulting

    Microprocessor System Development, RF-Wireless and Networks are in the list of their Capabilities.

    Programmable attenuators - Frequency range: 1MHz-1GHz. Programmable filters - Low pass, Butterworth, Bessel.

    These services include prototype PCB fabrication and assembly. The service also may include component procurement too. They also help making your Engineering Documents Electronically Accessible.

    Pronine Electronics Design
    3228 Savary Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3E 1M3, Canada

    Wednesday, July 06, 2016

    Micro/sys - Embedded Solutions for OEM Systems

    They Offers a wide range of processor choices, from cost effective 80C188-based computers through Pentium-based powerhouses, and supporting peripheral and I/O products.

    "Since 1976, Micro/sys has helped spread the use of microprocessor technology into Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) systems..."

    Micro/sys - Embedded Solutions for OEM Systems

    Micro/sys expansion boards are offered in two physical footprints: PC/104 and EPIC. They are available with either the StackableUSB interface or PC/104 connector.

    USB1320  - Zigbee Wireless Transceiver with Analog

    The new Micro/sys USB1320 Zigbee wireless transceiver paves the way for this popular wireless communication standard to be added to embedded systems and still meet the reliability demands of volatile environments.

    USB1320  - Zigbee Wireless Transceiver with Analog
    • Point-to-Point, Point-to-Peer, Point-to-Multipoint, and Mesh topologies
    • Four (4) 10-bit analog in, two (2) PWM
    • Seven digital I/O
    • Small 1.85" x 1.78" StackableUSB, USB 2.0
    • Extended temp operation
    Micro/sys, Inc.
    3730 Park Pl. Montrose, CA 91020, USA.

    Wednesday, October 07, 2015

    Electromechanica - Engineering Services

    Provides engineering services, functional test systems, pipe inspection robotic systems and product design consulting for a wide variety of industries.

    They have a team of Associate Consultants and Engineers, Specialized and Experienced in Diverse Domains like RF Communications, Manufacturing process optimization, High Technology Testing for Research or Laboratory grade systems.

    Electromechanica - Engineering Services

    Areas include embedded microcontroller, mixed signal, RF, and motion control engineering. Electromechanica integrates entire hardware systems and develops the software to control and measure their performance.

    Electromechanica - Engineering Services

    Intergrated Hipot/Functional System

    Electromechanica designed and fabricated multiple test systems for a leading electrical switch manufacturer. These new systems removed a production bottleneck by reducing test cycle time. Ergonomic design reduced part handling and setup while increasing operator safety...

    Electromechanica, Inc.
    13 Industrial Dr., Rear, Unit 2, Mattapoisett, MA 02739, USA.

    Thursday, June 18, 2015

    PICbook - Embedded Design PIC18F452

    Embedded Design with the PIC18F452 Microcontroller written by John Peatman (Prentice Hall, 2003) in support of Microchip Technology's PIC18F family of microcontrollers.

    PICbook - Embedded Design PIC18F452

    PICbook - Embedded Design PIC18F452

    The QwikFlash devlopment board is used as an example in the book for interfacing the PIC18F452 to various external components. The board contains varous I/O devices such as an RS-232 port (for program code development with QwikBug), RPG, potentiometer,a pushbutton, an LCD, and a few LEDs.


    Shown above - QwikFlash board chained to a QwikProto board which has been equipped with a magnetic card reader, a stepper motor, and a temperature sensor having a PWM output.


    A temperature sensor is included on the board to demonstrate the use of the PIC18F452's A/D module. A two-channel D/A converter illustrates the use of the PIC18F452's SPI three-wire interface.

    Microdesigns, Inc. is an Engineering and manufacturing services company specializing in microcomputer and electronic systems.They design both board- and box-level products, software and industrial systems.

    Microdesigns, Inc.
    1979 S. Bibb Dr. Tucker, GA  30084, USA

    Wednesday, June 20, 2012

    EMA Design Automation

    EMA Design Automation
    From OrCAD and Cadence Allegro PCB design tools to custom IC design solutions, EMA has the range of products and depth of experience to meet the electronic design requirements.

    Professional pre-sales consulting, system integration, post-sales support, environmental compliance assistance, and thorough design-methodology consulting.

    They also offer and support Autodesk Digital Prototyping for Mechanical Designs. The Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping brings together design data from all phases of the development process into a single digital model created in Inventor..

    Other EDA Solutions like -

    Aldec Active-HDL for Comprehensive FPGA design simulation and verification and BluePrint-PCB for PCB documentation process.

    Component Information Portal

    A web-based interface for obtaining component information and administrating the Component Information System (CIS)

    EMA Design Automation 225 Tech Park Drive Rochester, NY 14623

    Monday, April 02, 2012

    Indesign - Electronic Product Development

    Indesign, LLC. Indianapolis. - Engineering Services - Electronic Product Design Engineering.

    Indesign - Electronic Product Development

    Activity - Engineering Design of Electronic Products and Systems. Engineering Design Center. A Company formed in 1996 by a group of Bell Labs engineers. Specializations - Electrical, Software, Mechanical, Human Factors, Testing. Areas- Consumer, Medical, Computer, Military, Industrial, Automotive, etc.

    Indesign: Electrical Design

    Indesign: Electrical Design

    Indesign has an extensive set of tools for electrical circuit design, simulation, and testing, including programmable logic design. The combination of talented engineers and state of the art equipment, allows Indesign to deliver a design optimized for functionality and manufacturability (DFX)

    Indesign, LLC.
    8225 E 56th St Indianapolis, IN 46216

    Thursday, March 15, 2012

    Cambridge Consultants - Design Technology

    Cambridge Consultants - Design Technology
    "Cambridge Consultants is a leading technology and innovation company, renowned for its ability to solve technical problems and provide creative, practical solutions to business issues."
    Cambridge Consultants develops industry's smallest 2G and 3G femtocell base station

    Sidewinder, the smallest commercially available 2G and 3G small-cell platform. Ideal for use in mobile phone communications and professional radio......
    The novel radio design enables Sidewinder to operate at any carrier frequency from 375MHz to 4GHz and with a channel bandwidth from 200kHz to 28MHz. .....
    Interface from CC - magazine containing a selection of articles, news stories and thought pieces on current and emerging technologies and markets.

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    Theta Electronic Engineering Services

    Theta Electronic Engineering Services
    "Theta Engineering was founded in 1993 to provide economical engineering services for companies needing to augment their technical resources. Theta Engineering provides a full range of electronic design and software/firmware development services aimed at getting your product to market."

    Products developed by Theta Engineering

    Robotic Cell Phone Programmer

    Designed and programmed custom stepper motor driver boards for a robotic cellular phone programmer. This project involved inter-processor communication between 8 Microchip PIC-family microcontrollers supporting simultaneous motion of up to 7 axes.

    Robotic Arm Test System Project
    Designed and built 4 different automated test fixtures for Beckman Instruments (now Beckman Coulter). The unit pictured uses a combination of pneumatics and electronics for measuring the force and accuracy of a robotic arm which is itself a component in one of Beckman's medical lab instruments.

    ShortLink - Design of Portable Wireless Systems

    Product and System, design and development company. They offer design and engineering service in Silicon-ASIC design, Electronic product design and T&M products too.

    ShortLink - Design of Portable Wireless Systems

    They specialize in the field of low-power portable electronics and wireless systems.
    ShortLink - Design of Portable Wireless Systems

    ASIC design

    Analog, digital ASIC design, Mixed Signal ASIC and RF-ASIC. The last two being areas of expertise. Ready-made IP blocks for analog, digital and RF applications are also available. They are a Fabless ASIC supplier.

    Test and Measurement Service

    Radio, EMC and environmental durability testing. Audio and acoustics, analysis and characterization of antennas. They offer radio testing up to 18 GHz.
    Services Include
    • Radio and EMC testing
    • Assistance in CE marking
    • Antenna measurements
    • Environmental durability testing - temperature, salt, moisture and vibrations
    • Measurement and testing - audio and acoustics
    Address - ShortLink AB, Stortorget 2, SE-661 42 Säffle, Sweden

    Wednesday, February 08, 2012

    Electronics Design - AirBorn Electronics

    They design and produce the electronic controllers inside new products. Electronic development, circuit design, PCB layout, prototyping, programming, these are the parts of Electronics Research and Development to bring a new idea or concept to life.

    Electronics Design - AirBorn Electronics

    See the guidelines for writing a project spec and further understanding the creative process.

    AirBorn Electronics

    Electronics Design - AirBorn Electronics

    Coal face measurement product software being modified/tested on a mockup - The A-frame shaped unit is under test, the remainder is test equipment

    Circuit Design Library - AirBorn Electronics

    EMAC - Semicustom Embedded Engineering

    Hardware design of digital, analog and microprocessor based circuitry. Circuits containing programmable logic or even ASIC's can be developed.

    EMAC - Semicustom Embedded Engineering

    Semi-Custom Development
    There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Our off- the-shelf hardware has been fully field tested and development software has already been written.

    Custom Product Design
    Only your desired features are provided, costs are reduced. The required features, functions, and options can be placed on one printed circuit card, reducing costs.

    Custom Design and Manufacture
    Printed Circuit Boards, Hardware and Software, Control/Display panels. They supply and service, from concept to manufacturing.

    EMAC - Semicustom Embedded Engineering

    EMAC designs, manufactures, integrates and distributes, Single Board Computers (SBCs), System on Modules (SoMs) & Carrier Boards, Industrial Panel PCs (PPCs), Embedded Servers and Custom Solutions for the Embedded marketplace.

    EMAC, Inc.
    2390 EMAC Way, Carbondale, IL 62902, USA

    Friday, January 27, 2012

    FDI Engineering Design Services

    FDI makes Development Kits, Touch Screen Kits, SBC and many other Embedded System Tools. They also offer Engineering and Manufacturing services.

    FDI Engineering Design Services

    FDI also offers in-house production for quick turn prototypes and low volumes. A Touch Screen Kit from FDI is an easy to implement Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Human Machine Interface (HMI) in any small instrument or equipment.

    3.5 QVGA Touch Screen LCD Kit for RX6N

    3.5" QVGA Touch Screen LCD Kit for RX6N

    Features Include
    • Tianma 3.5" TFT QVGA LCD Panel with integrated Touch Screen
    • Renesas CPU running at 96MHz (with 512KB internal Flash)
    • 2MB of SDRAM and 2GB microSD Memory Card
    • USB Device Mini-B for power and PC communications
    Future Designs, Inc.
    996 A Cleaner Way SW Huntsville, AL 35805 

    Tuesday, January 24, 2012

    Touch Screen Interface - Eurek

    Eurek elettronica is a production company specialising in the building or assembly of circuit boards in large or smaller batches. They are also an Engineering Service with a fully equipped in-house lab for prototyping, testing and analysis. They also have products for Embedded System Development.

    Touch Screen Interface - Eurek

    EK 280 EK280 is a Linux touch screen designed and optimized for being used on machines and industrial applications. It is based on i.MX27L 400 MHz and Linux 2.6 (Qt 4.6, SDL, FLTK/Nano-x, SQLite) Freescale processor. Thanks to a resolution of 800×480 pixels and a 7’’screen is suitable to create graphical user interfaces (GUI) for all kinds of sophisticated automation.

    Touch Screen Interface - Eurek

    EK280 is a compact and thin module, provided with a plastic base and spacers to be easily mounted behind a panel using only 4 screws. The touch-screen is resistive, and is operable even with gloves; it can be superimposed by an adhesive film for a perfect aesthetic finish and to make the panel washable.

    Eurek Elettronica
    via Celletta 8/B 40026 Imola (BO) Italy.

    Updated - Jan 2014

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    Contec Austria - Engineering and Manufacturing Service

    Innovative design, development and production services in electronics and technology. Industrial and medical applications. Engineering Service and Manufacturing Services.

    Contec Austria - Exceet electronics

    Supplier of electronic and automation solutions. includes control products for the automation of machines and equipment, Development and production for individual, complex electronic modules

    Contec Austria - Exceet electronics

    Older Post

    Contec Austria - Engineering and Manufacturing Service - A turnkey manufacturer or developer and producer of special component

    Scope - Microcontroller technology, digital signal processing, rapid digital technology, FPGA programming, power electronics, analogue circuit technology, drive systems and components, automation technology, field bus technology (CAN, Profibus, Interbus-S, Mod-Bus, Lon-Bus, ASI-Bus), computer programming, etc

    Contec Steuerungstechnik & Automation GmbH
    Wildbichler Straße 2E 6341 Ebbs Austria

    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    Arcobel Embedded System Solutions

    Distributor and integrator of industrial computers, embedded systems and computer products. They supply, support and service fully integrated & tested systems. They offer Training and consultancy in areas of specialization.
    Arcobel Embedded System Solutions
    The solutions are used in various market segments, some are Energy, Industrial automation, Logistics, Space/Avionics and Vision control.
    AAEON: AEC-6940 A High-End Embedded Controller AEC-6940

    The AEC-6940, is an advanced embedded controller, which adopts the Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processor. The AEC-6940 is a high performance, high-end Embedded Controller that features high speed processing and is known as the BOXER 2+ in the AAEON Boxer Series.
    Some Features
    • Fanless Design
    • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
    • PCI-Express [x16] x 1, PCI-Express [x1] x 1
    • Wide DC Power Input Range
    • Gigabit Ethernet x 2
    Arcobel Embedded Solutions B.V.
    Address: Cereslaan 10, Heesch, 5384 VT, The Netherlands

    Saturday, November 12, 2011

    Glew Engineering - Technology Expertise

    Consulting Service for the semiconductor and microelectronic industry, FEA modeling, mechanical, electrical & materials engineering applications.

    Glew Engineering - Technology Expertise

    Experts in Electrical, Materials and Mechanical Engineering Consulting. Consulting and Support areas include Business Development, Solar & Flat Panel Technologies, Materials Science among many others.

    CAD and finite element analysis (FEA)

    FEA allows for comprehensive modeling of the chamber's integrity during testing conditions. The FEA model serves as a virtual experiment that allows reduction in prototype cost and testing. An accurate model can reduce the costly repercussions of an incorrectly designed system.

    Glew Engineering - Technology Expertise

    High-Purity Gas Panels Part 10:
    Pressure Transducers in Semiconductor Equipment

    Semiconductor equipment engineers, usually mechanical engineers or electrical engineers, have some of these same purposes in mind when they install pressure transducers directly on semiconductor tools, with the additional goal of granting the tool operator control over the pressures of incoming gas and in the process chamber.

    Glew Engineering Consulting Inc.
    240 Pamela Drive, Mountain View, CA 94040, USA

    Monday, September 14, 2009

    Tanner EDA - Automate and Simplify Design

    Tanner EDA - Automate and Simplify Design
    High-technology design software for ICs, analog VLSI, and Design Automation. Includes Analog/Mixed-Signal ICs, ASICs and MEMS. Schematic Capture too.
    • Simulation: T-Spice, W-Edit
    • Physical Layout: L-Edit
    • Verification: HiPer Verify
    • Parasitic Layout Extraction
    MEMS R&D and Prototyping Services - Fast Turn-around from Order to Product Prototype, Low and Medium Volume Fabrication

    HiPer Verify
    A comprehensive solution for analog/mixed-signal IC design rule checking DRC and hierarchical netlist extraction.

    With HiPer Verify, you can simply reference the new DRC or LVS command file from the foundry, meeting your existing standards right out of the box.

    Tanner Research
    825 South Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016 USA